EPAID Web Marketing

One of our long time clients (over 5 years) is KokuaCare Home Care business that provides nursing and support services to elderly residents of Hawaii who want to age in their homes.

KokuaCare has a great slogan ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ and photo of an elderly couplethat Hawaii’s people relate to.

The design is unique and shows the wrapping of caring arms around our Kupuna who need care and support in their golden years.

Our marketing proposal to Kokua Care was simple: If we can double your revenue over what it is right now will you allow us to apply the EPAID marketing system on a regular basis? They said ‘Yes’. The rest is history.

Mauka Makai has consistently double the revenue from the web since we started the program over 1 year ago.

How did we do it?

We started with a thorough review of our SEO (serach Engine Optimization) strategies.  We found that Hawaii Home Care was by far the most popular and relevant search string used on Google, Yahoo and Bing.  By optimizing our pages to that searchword string we have achieved Google #3, Yahoo #1 and Bing #1 ranking.

That is good but that is not enough.

Knowing that when Kokua Cares staff are able to sit down with a prospective client they have a 75% chance of converting them to a client we figured that they must have some personal qualities that engender trust and competency that lead to such results.

Since our goal is to schedule these In Home Assessment via the website we chose to put a video of one of the top Home Consultants on the front page.  We scripted and shot the video and uploaded it to YouTube. We chose YouTube because of the benefit it gives to Google search as well as the potential for wider viewing beyond the root website.  We then embedded the YouTube video into the home page.